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Full Set - $175
Refill - $100

This set offers a timeless and natural enhancement to your eyelashes by applying a single extension to each natural lash. This set adds length and subtle volume, perfect for those who want a minimalistic look.

If you are looking to ease your way into eyelash extensions or prefer a more modest look, the Classic Set serves as an ideal starting point. It’s also well-suited for those with a good number of natural lashes looking for a natural enhancement.


Full Set - $250
Refill - $125

This set uses 3D to 5D fans of multiple lightweight extensions applied to a single natural lash. This set creates dramatic volume and thickness. If you’re after a bold look, or if your natural lashes are sparse and need added fullness, the Volume Set is the one.


Full Set - $200
Refill - $115

The Hybrid Set blends single lash extensions with volume fans, offering a balanced mix of length and volume. This set achieves a look that is both full and wispy, yet not overly dramatic.

If you desire a look that falls between natural and glamorous, the Hybrid Set offers the perfect compromise. It’s an excellent choice for those who want more fullness than the Classic Set but aren’t ready for the commitment of a full Volume Set.

Mega Volume

Full Set - $300
Refill - $175

This set is the ultimate lash enhancement, featuring ultra-lightweight extensions crafted into extra-large 10D – 20D  fans for an extreme, voluminous look that lasts.

The Mega Volume Set is ideal for those who want high-drama, and show-stopping lashes.


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  • Color Lash Accent

    starts at $25
    Add a splash of color, or a whole row! Various colors available, starts at $25.
  • Bottom Lashes

    Add some length and volume to your bottom fringe as well for the ultimate look! (Typically lasts 2-3 weeks - refills not available)
  • Lash Removal

  • Blend-in False Lashes

    Blend-in False lashes (cluster lashes) are segmented eyelash extensions with a faster application time. These lashes are perfect for those who have experienced allergies before, as the glue on these is hypoallergenic, and cyanoacrylate free.

We prioritize the health and integrity of your natural lashes in all our lash extension services. To maintain the quality and appearance of your new lashes, we recommend refill appointments every 2-3 weeks. Please be aware that if fewer than 40% of your extensions remain at the time of your refill, additional charges may apply. In the case where less than 20% of extensions are present, the refill will be billed at the full-service rate.

We kindly ask that you arrive for your appointment with clean lashes, free of makeup, to ensure the best possible outcome.